It was the late 1980s, I was 28 years old, and I already had an eight year history with chronic pelvic pain.  My symptoms included persistent pain in my lower right abdomen, chronic vaginal soreness, and urinary urgency.  I was seeing an MD who was a specialist in Candidiasis.  She had been treating me for over a year with the drugs Nystatin, Tylenol and Codeine, and a diet.  I wasn’t getting any better.  I had been treated for endometriosis several years prior and I thought the pain was coming from my right ovary.  The pain got worse when I was on my period or ovulating.

One day I asked my doctor if I could have my right ovary removed in order to stop the pain.  Her response was to refer me to a homeopathic physician and to a healer.   The homeopath gave me some weird treatments like drinking vinegar.  The healer waved his hands over me and told me my pain had to do with my gallbladder.  Neither treatment made me feel any better.  But later I learned that some of my indigestion symptoms were from low stomach acid, and that’s cured now, so there was some truth to what the healer said.

What I know now is that my pain was caused by unconscious habits of resisting feeling emotions which put my body into the fight or flight response and tensed my muscles.  This chronically overloaded my adrenals causing fatigue and cascading into an imbalance of sex hormones causing vaginal irritation.  Chronic muscle tension results in myofasical pain in the pelvic area, disrupted digestion, pain in the bladder area and soreness in the vaginal area.  The pain I thought was in my ovary was actually from a tight spots in the psoas muscle in my hip.

I am so thankful that my MD did not agree to remove my ovary.  I’m relieved that I finally found the explanation and effective treatment for all my symptoms.  Applying mind-body healing has done much to relieve the underlying cause of tension in my muscles.   When I do experience myofascial pain, I know how to massage my own trigger points in my muscles to help them release.  Daily yoga keeps my muscles limber.  Self-coaching, including calming my mind, feeling my emotions, and tapping into my inner wisdom all contribute to my healing and well-being.

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