ReunionI’m going to my 40th high school reunion next month. In fact, I’m chairing the reunion committee. Ten years ago, I chaired the 30th reunion committee and after that experience I said I wouldn’t do it again.

In high school I wasn’t class President or a cheer leader or anything like that. I wasn’t even one of the popular girls. I was the tall, skinny, shy, and awkward girl with long hair and glasses. My high school record is unremarkable, except that I was on the track team junior year and the cross-country and track teams in senior year.


In winter of my junior year, I was self-conscious about my body. I thought my butt was getting fat so I started staying after school to run a few laps around the track. I now know I was just developing a woman’s body. My friend Joye, who I knew from a church youth group, saw me running the track and signed me up for the track team. That’s how I ended up running track in junior year. That fall we were the first girls to run cross country for our high school. There wasn’t a girl’s cross-country team, and because of Title IX which became effective in 1972, they had to let us on the team. We competed on the JV boys team.


This was a life-changing experience. I made great friends with these runners. We had an awesome coach who continued to volunteer at the high school long after he retired. We bonded over after-school time spent practicing and competing. I fell in love with one of my team mates and stayed in a relationship with him for the next four years. Forty years later it’s the cross-country team that’s planning the high school reunion. Six out of the nine members of the reunion committee were on the track and/or cross-country teams together. I also lived in the same community throughout school and was in elementary school with many of my classmates further connecting me with this group.

Before Mind-Body Healing

Ten years ago, when I chaired the 30th high school reunion committee I was really struggling with chronic pelvic pain. The main reason I stepped up to make the reunion happen is nobody else was and I wanted to reconnect with my high school friends. I hadn’t found the mind-body approach to healing or the right physical therapy yet. The actual reunion events stressed me out. The day of the reunion I was struggling with pain in my crotch and down my right leg. My mom gave me some of her prescription strength Ibuprofen which helped a bit. Despite the pain I enjoyed the event. However, I decided I would not chair the committee again.

Reunion Chair Again

Now I’m chairing the 40th Reunion Committee after having been asked to by another classmate. But it’s different this time. I have 8 other people on the committee instead of just one other person helping and ReunionDB, a very effective reunion company is helping us market the event. Most importantly, someone else is going to be the MC and I get to focus on what I do best and enjoy most which is behind the scenes organizing, planning, and running meetings.

Mind-Body Connection

My mind-body journey has helped me be very clear on who I am, what I do best, what I most enjoy, and has helped me to be brave and push my edges when part of me just wants to sit back. I have learned to feel my emotions, to check in with my mind, body, and soul and make clear choices from day to day. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this reunion happen. Even though I’ll probably have moments of stress again around this event, I’ll be okay. It’s going to be fun!

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