Praise for Mind-Body Coaching with Gail Kenny Pelvic Pain Coach

Below I share success stories from my clients about how mind-body coaching with me helped them relieve their pelvic pain or physical and emotional pain and led them back to well-being.

Gail Helped Me Find My Own Cure When Nothing Else Worked

I highly recommend talking to Gail if you are suffering from pelvic pain. I had vulvodynia, lichen schlerosis, and pelvic pain for ten unhappy years. I had tried hundreds of treatment strategies and saw many doctors and got absolutely nowhere. I found out about Gail while reading Abigail Steidley’s website and decided to give talking to a life coach a go, thinking it was probably going to end up being another dead end, but it wasn’t! Gail was able to corroborate what I was learning about mind/body syndrome and help me relate it to my own life. She insisted that physical therapy was an important part of the healing so I reluctantly tried it and it was amazingly helpful. She was able to remind me again and again that my symptoms were not actually physical which was a concept that blew my mind. It was a comfort to finally talk to a woman who had suffered the same pain and triumphed over it and then to find my own cure was a dream come true. It’s been nine months since I started with Gail and I am now doing things I haven’t done in years including bike riding, hiking mountains, and Zumba! I don’t think I could have done it without her. ~ Celeste

A Turning Point

scarlet-monkey-flowerMeeting you over Skype was a turning point for me in many ways. Not only your wisdom and support in regards to my pain and suffering, but you shared your knowledge and experience of healing through trigger point therapy.  I have had a series of Gunn IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) treatments, a treatment I could only describe as miraculous, and now am able to move through the next part of my healing journey by strengthening my mind/body connection. I have you to thank for being the catalyst to finding a treatment that actually has turned my life around and I don’t forget what you said about curing the pain was just a sideline to a journey of a more enriched life being connected to your body. ~ Louise

I Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

I rarely have pelvic pain anymore. It’s almost gone.  Occasionally if I have a wave of intense fear I’ll have some pelvic tension, not even pain, and as soon as I sit with the feelings it dissipates. Thank you for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you. ~ Susan.

I’m Now Living a Pain-Free Life

I highly recommend Gail Kenny for pelvic pain mind-body coaching. Gail has coached me since 2012 after I had been in chronic pain for 7 years. Gail is caring, warm, gentle and extremely empathetic in her approach. She was able to tap in to some past trauma that was stored in my body resulting in chronic pain. After about three months of working with Gail, I noticed my pain began to lessen and after 16 months my chronic pain was GONE. I am now living a “pain-free” life due to Gail’s expertise. Not only is my pain gone, but I am less anxious, more confident, and have learned how to love myself. She helped me develop major awareness and provided me with many references and tools to use during my healing journey. If you are suffering from pelvic pain, IC, etc. Gail will help support you in healing. She is amazing and saved me in more ways than one. ~ Colleen

Fawn LilyA Wonderful Sensitive Guide

I was introduced to the lovely Gail by my pelvic pain physiotherapist in London, UK, as she felt that it would be helpful to work with a mind-body coach in addition to the physio sessions. I’d never worked with anyone by Skype before, but it has been surprisingly effective, and there has been a good rapport between Gail and me from the start. It was very important to me to work with someone who really understands the problems around pelvic pain, and I was touched and reassured to read on her website of Gail’s own journey with pelvic pain, and to know that it is possible to find some real relief from this little understood condition. I wasn’t sure how a mind-body approach would help, but Gail is a wonderful, sensitive guide to the mysteries of our emotional lives and how this impacts on our physical well-being – and I’m always so grateful for her great patience and understanding when I struggle to get in touch with how I’m really feeling, something she explains is common with women who suffer from this syndrome. She is also very generous with sending good support material and guidance in general. I’ve always left our sessions feeling uplifted and supported, and for me Gail’s great kindness has been especially important, something healing in itself. Mind-body work isn’t a quick fix, but if you do the work it really makes a huge difference, especially with the help of such a knowledgeable, supportive, and intuitive guide as Gail.  ~ Jenny

Benefits Beyond Chronic Pain

I am so grateful to have received coaching from Gail. While I initially sought her out for chronic pain issues, I have benefited in so many additional ways. Not only is she a gifted intuitive, but she truly projects a grounded loving warmth to those in her care. She had the amazing ability to gently guide me (resistance and all) to my deepest, truest wisdom, so that I was able to access my own power to heal myself. She practices compassion and generosity, while holding the coach-client relationship in highest regard. In addition to pelvic pain, I have sought Gail’s assistance for other issues as well, such as relationship struggles, work conflict, and self-care/motivation. Without exception, I have always come away from our sessions feeling tremendously supported with increased inner clarity. ~ Mary


Working with Gail was a very empowering experience. She’s a great mind-body coach, is extremely intuitive, and shared many wonderful tools that I could take away and use. She’s so kind and compassionate, but doesn’t hesitate to ask the questions that will go right to the heart of an issue. I learned so much from her and I recommend her highly. ~ Devin

Reconnecting With My Own Body

I have had pelvic pain for several years and Gail was recommended to me by my pelvic pain physiotherapist to give me more tools to help me. Working with Gail opened my eyes to a visual side of pelvic pain and how to reconnect with my own body. Gail led me through many meditations focusing on my own body and I found it incredibly enlightening to ‘look’ into my own pelvis and to my horror I could visualize it as a dark dingy cave with doctors and nurses hacking away at the walls of my pelvis. I could see that there was work to do and Gail was able to help me change my awareness of how I had perceived my pelvis and make it a much healthier place and as a result there was improvement in my pain. ~ Yvonne


I grew up with therapists all around me. Good ones! Because of that I’m a discerning client. I found Gail on Abigail’s website and chose her for her background in intuitive coaching. Gail turned out to be an awesome choice! At times I would just get on the phone and cry. Gail helped me get through many dark days with her tremendously open heart, patience, intuition and expertise. I am doing a lot better now, and have picked up some of the tools Gail taught me to help myself. Her open heart, compassion, intuition and tremendous expertise have been transformative, and extremely helpful. I’m extremely grateful to have found her! ~ Sara

Generosity and Wisdom

Thank you so much for today and for your continued generosity. It is really appreciated. You truly help me so much. Your knowledge, wisdom and expertise are amazing. ~ Irene

Life-Saving Skills

Checking in on feelings has been life-saving. I don’t know what I would do without the feeling skills, and being able to release the holding in the body around that. I think if I had never been lead through that I could not have ever “gotten it”! And I’ve even been through an 8-week Mind-Body skills course! That should be pre-req! So thank you thank you thank you! ~ Sarah

Gentle and Calm Guidance

“At first, I was a bit skeptical of the whole mind-body approach – it seemed a bit strange (and scary!) to think about connecting with my emotions and inner wisdom. I had tried meditating in the past, but I couldn’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes, so I thought these kind of things just weren’t for me. However, being guided gently and calmly by Gail allowed me to approach myself in new ways that have given me a new outlook on how I relate to myself and others, as well as new coping strategies for dealing with life’s daily stresses. I appreciated how she took the extra time to talk with me, went out of her way to accommodate my schedule, and sent me lots of great resources in her follow-up emails (along with recordings of our sessions). It is obvious she cares about people. I will continue our revitalizing coaching sessions and I highly recommend her to anyone feeling that they need a more holistic approach on their path to wellness.” ~ Andrea

Love and Support

“Working with Gail was just what I needed.   I was in the middle of a very traumatic and confusing year, and my health (and my pain) was a big part of why I was struggling so much.  Gail taught me techniques for relaxing and getting through the tough moments.  She shared so many helpful resources – from books to websites to worksheets to use during stressful moments.  While working with her I felt loved and supported.  I am now able continue the healing process on my own by using what I learned from her.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Gail.” ~ Anonymous

Deep Healing Soul Connection

“When you want to get into some deep-healing soul reconnection, work with Gail!!!  I’m just blown away by her process!  And when doing this work, it SO helps to have a guide!  I feel renewed in a very solid way!! Thank you, Gail! ~ Beverly

Body Wisdom

“Other coaches in my Martha Beck Life Coach training recommended Gail to me because of her intuitive body-centered coaching.  I have had a persistent pain in my side that doctors have been unable to ‘name’ even though I have had extensive and expensive testing.  My normal way of processing is to determine the problem and then figure out the answer.  But it didn’t work with the pain in my side.  It has been amazing to relax with Gail and trust her to guide me into my body discomfort and help me find wisdom there (soft focus, right-brained as opposed to left-brain analytical).  Through my work with Gail I am embracing parts of me that hurt and finding self-love in my body wisdom.  Oh, and my pain is less.  I am so grateful!” ~  Anne Marie

Positive Shift

Praise for Gail Kenny Pelvic Pain Coach

“During each session with Gail I felt a positive shift happen that was easy to maintain afterwards without a lot of effort. In the early sessions I was able to connect with and let go of energy stuck in my body in particular related to my pelvic pain and Trauma . The result is I now have very little pelvic pain. In later sessions I learned how to move forward ,be more present ,protect my personal space and improve my boundaries with my work and in relationships. I am very grateful for the tools I received from Gail” ~ Maria

Powerful Guide

“Sometimes one needs a powerful flashlight to guide the way out of darkness.  Gail was my flashlight.  Her beam of compassion, intuition and knowledge led me out of pelvic pain and onto the road to health.  Yes, I stumbled and tripped many times along the journey but my flashlight was always in front of me.  Gail you truly led me out of darkness and into the light.  I will be forever grateful.” ~ Grace

Brought Me Back to Life

“All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience to be coached by Gail.  I learned so much that it made me want to learn more about mind-body and coaching.  It helped me to welcome my emotions to my life or should I say it brought me back to life and made me want to live again but this time in touch with my body and emotions!!” ~ Fernanda

Intuitive and Fun to Work With

“Gail is wonderful to work with. She creates a safe, open space with a huge amount of love and kindness. She stays open minded and humble while guiding me out of my own misbeliefs into what’s actually true. She is intuitive and fun to work with. If you want a deeper relationship with yourself, hire Gail immediately. Be prepared for a deep, yet playful journey within.” ~ Sarah

Calm Guidance

tiger lily sm“Working with someone as knowledgeable and compassionate as Gail changed the way I will approach my health for the rest of my life.  Gail taught me to feel my emotions and body sensations more consciously in order to heal myself from the inside out.  I was so happy to finally speak to someone who understood my need to know why these seemingly unrelated illnesses kept reoccurring.  She calmly guided me through some simple, yet awe-inspiring tools to help me get to the root of the problem.  As a result, I feel so clear about the reason I’ve been in such physical pain, and with the tools Gail has shared with me, I am taking steps to make the necessary changes so I can live a healthier and happier life.  I can’t express my gratitude for Gail and her work enough.” ~ Nicole

Reconnection to Emotions

“Gail came to me just at the right time.   Though I had worked through many of my most limiting beliefs on my own or with other coaches, I hadn’t really allowed myself to feel my emotions or even knew how to do this.   Gail supported me as I began to learn how to feel – really feel – my emotions and how to become aware of the messages from my body.  She also gave me ways to stay in emotion as it is happening, notice when I was avoiding it, and how to protect myself from being taken over by emotion.  I feel this reconnection to my emotions and my body have really given me a compass to guide me through my life – whatever comes my way.   I feel empowered, connected to my inner wisdom and ready to move ahead.  Thank you Gail for showing me the way, providing the space for me to be vulnerable, and helping me see what I needed every step of the way!” ~ Mariette

Manage Stress and Reduce Pelvic Pain

“I really enjoyed having Gail as a life coach, she listened to me and gave me the tools I needed to help me learn how to manage my stress and reduce my pain. I really enjoyed doing the exercises that Gail suggested and noticed a difference in my stress levels and attitude very quickly. Gail really listens and will go out of her way to research tools and ideas that can help you. She is very generous and very helpful.  Thank you Gail for having helped me understand myself better and for showing me how important and helpful living in the moment can be for my overall well-being.” ~ Christine.

Back Into the Flow

“Gail has been great at helping to lead me out of the eddies and back into the flow. From the get-go, I have felt extremely comfortable working with Gail. She is great at listening, drawing one out, exploring multiple trains of thought, and then mirroring one’s self back in an often new and clearer way. Each meeting feels very connected to the last, making the overall experience cohesive and productive. I have found Gail to be very intuitive, non-judgmental and she always suggests useful techniques for keeping the goal in sight. I thank her and highly recommend Gail and her coaching skills.” ~ Nancy

Inner Knowing

Marbles July 2012 142 sm“I feel very blessed to have been coached by Gail.  She has helped me in so many ways, especially with her knowledge on the mind/body connection. In coaching on my pain issues, she showed me how to focus on my breathing, really tune into my body and notice what I was thinking or feeling that contributed to the pain. It was very “eye opening” to me.   She was very focused on me as a client and our coaching sessions.   She is very insightful, caring, and seems to have an inner knowing about how to coach me and each of her clients.”  ~ Debi

Honor to Work With

“What an honor to work with Gail. I really appreciate her value of being able to recognize and bring to my attention with acuteness things that I have a hard time seeing myself. Gail gives practical, easy to understand tools with which to use in everyday situations usually resulting in a sense of freedom. I also appreciate Gail’s willingness to share her personal experience and growth, I feel more connected to her that she’s not just a teacher teaching but just like me working through stuff. What an empowering reflection. Thank you…” ~ Love

Resolve Inner Conflicts

“The life coaching techniques that Gail teaches have been effective and lasting. Instead of going over and over an issue in my mind like a broken record I am able to employ the methods Gail has taught me and resolve my internal conflicts. Gail has a straightforward approach and a gift for seeing past the chatter and clutter surrounding an issue. She has a clarity that allows her to see the root or foundation of an issue. Gail’s intuition and psychic abilities provide her with a level of understanding of her clients that make her a unique and incomparable life coach.” ~ Kathy

Clear, Simple and Effective

“Having Gail as a life coach was a thorough pleasure.  She guided me very skillfully through identifying and shifting some of the stresses in my thinking that led to tension in my life.  I loved the tools Gail used, they helped me get clear in a simple and effective way.  Gail herself was always encouraging.  I always felt supported by her, never judged or pushed.  She honored my process and helped me make meaningful headway in a short period of time.  I would absolutely recommend Gail as a life coach, and I hope I’ll be using the tools she gave me for many years to come.” ~ Jen

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