persistencePersistence of mind-body practice pays benefits in the long-term. Many people experience immediate relief with mind-body connection practice. Within minutes their pain is gone or lessened or moved elsewhere in their body. I know because I’ve coached these people. I’m jealous that my body doesn’t respond as quickly. It took me a long time to get significant relief from my symptoms but I succeeded through persistence.

For those of you who don’t get immediate results with mind-body practice, I encourage you to keep going with the following guidance to ensure your persistence will reap the benefits too!

Try it Out

I read my mind-body coach’s newsletters for six months before I jumped on a free call with her. That’s when I realized what I was missing and signed up for her telecourse. I followed my thirst for learning how she cured her pelvic pain. At the end of that class I still wanted to learn more and signed up for group coaching with her. A year later my pain was less. I had periods of time during the day that I barely noticed it. I knew for sure that suppressed emotions were behind the cause of my symptoms.

Commit to the Practice

I made mind-body connection practice part of my daily routine. After I practiced a new method for a week or so I began to take parts it into my day as I went along. Staying conscious and connected became a way of life. Keep your practice simple and short, but do it regularly. As a general rule, don’t do your formal mind-body practice more than 45 minutes a day or less than 5-10 minutes at least several times a week.

Gather Evidence It’s Working

Trust and follow subtle signs that mind-body connection practice is paying off. This often feels like relief, either emotional or physical. You might be more relaxed, feel more rested, sleep better, have more energy, feel more confident, have an awakened curiosity, feel more creative, or just have a sense of well-being. Make a note of this evidence when it’s happening to refer to on the days you forget that it’s working. Include evidence that mind-body body practice works for other people too. Let other people’s success serve as inspiration and reminders that you’re on the right path. My mind-body coach’s success with healing her pelvic pain was my inspiration to persist with mind-body connection practices.

Understand the Nervous System

An activated nervous system intensifies pain and discomfort. All the mind-body practices are designed to get you out of the fight, flight, or freeze response and into rest and digest. Learn your unconscious stress patterns and practice showing up in your life in ways that relieve stress.

Keep Your Timeline to Healing Open

Don’t compare yourself to others. We’re unique in various ways including what it takes to experience significant healing. Don’t set dates for when you need to be healed by. Keep the timeline open. Follow what’s working. If nothing’s working, try other things, switch things up. Eventually you’ll find your sweet spot.

Healing is not Linear

There will be ups and downs. There are layers to healing. It might feel like three steps forward and two steps back. This is normal.

When the Going Gets Tough

Make mind-body practice simple when you’re struggling. Stay self-aware. Know your triggers and recognize your patterns. Reassure yourself you know what this is and you have plenty of tools to move through it. Ask for help when you need it. Get coaching and guidance from those who have been where you are now. You aren’t meant to do this all by yourself. Trust you will come out of the tough spots. On my worst days, I would encourage myself by being optimistic that tomorrow I would feel better.

Persistence Payoffs

When you stay committed to mind-body practice it pays dividends. It becomes a way of life. You are aware enough that you notice when something is off mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Taking time for self-reflection is a priority. You take really good care of yourself before pain and discomfort become unbearable.

When I compare my life in the past few years to the many years before I found mind-body healing, I feel significantly better in so many ways. I’m much more physically active. I’m happier over all. I feel younger in my fifties than I did in my forties. Life is easier. When I get stuck in any kind of discomfort, I have skills to move through it gracefully and I fairly quickly find my way back to well-being.

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