About Me

Chronic pain can be a challenge to heal.  In 2009, after struggling daily with chronic pelvic pain for more than 20 years, I finally found significant pain relief and got my life back!

Now I’m dedicated to helping my clients find the kind of healing I have through guiding them in the mind-body approach and helping them learn to inhabit their body and their life in new ways to heal pain and create clarity for navigating their life’s journey joyfully.

My Pelvic Pain Symptoms

Lower abdominal pain, bladder pain, urinary frequency and urgency, vaginal soreness, constipation, pain with intercourse, cramping, stomach aches, intestinal gas, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, lower back pain, crotch pain, buttock cramps, sitting and standing pain.

What Didn’t Work

In my healing journey with pelvic pain I tried surgery, medication, consulted gynecologists, urologists, general practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, had internal physical therapy, tried resting it away, special diets, psychic work, working only half-time and much more without satisfying results.

Psychic Training

I intuitively knew there was something inside me that needed to be healed.  I spent over 7 years studying with my dear psychic teacher Nancy Anagnost, and learned many skills I still use today, but it alone didn’t heal my pain.

Turning Point

pelvicMy turning point came when I attended a 7 day pelvic pain clinic and learned about trigger points and myofascial pain, had my trigger points mapped (both internal and external) and learned to treat my own trigger points.  After over 20 years of suffering I finally knew that my pain was in my muscles and I had a way to relieve it and help my muscles relax.

Mind-Body Magic

But I still experienced flare ups during times of stress.  Then I found mind-body coaching and learned about the emotional connection to pain and how to relieve it. I learned how to inhabit my body, mind and emotions in healthier ways and this has made all the difference.

My Credentials

Along with my intuitive skills, I’m a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Endorsed by Abigail Steideley as a Mind-Body Coach. I bring all my experiences and training to guide clients in how to release pain and create clarity in body, emotions, mind and soul so they can trust their own messages about how best to enjoy their lives.

There’s More

Before becoming a life coach I worked for a public university as an academic adviser and athletics compliance coordinator for over 20 years. I’m a mom of two adult children and I’m happily married. I have an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Management. I’m a lover of animals, an avid birder, outdoors woman, yogini, backpacker, and Argentine Tango dancer.

Please email me to set up an appointment for a free consultation.