accurate psychicYou have the most accurate psychic information about your life. But there’s an intrigue around psychic readings. We believe that someone else has better information about our lives than we do. We’ll pay a lot of money for this.

I know because I’ve been there and done that and I’ve seen many other people do this. There’s an allure in the belief that someone else can read the future and tell you what to do. I’m not saying that there isn’t a role for psychic readings and they can’t help. I know they can be very helpful, but they need to be put in perspective.

I know the desperation for answers that leads to looking for help from psychics. The first time I went to a psychic was in my late 20s when I had been struggling with pelvic pain, including IC symptoms, abdominal pain, painful periods, vaginal soreness, chronic yeast infections, and constipation, since I was 21. This was in the 1980s, back in the dark days of chronic pelvic pain understanding and treatment.


Back then, I started frequenting a metaphysical bookstore for help with healing my pain. I got a tarot reading that helped me put some things in perspective. A friend I saw at the bookstore referred me to a psychic. I got a reading and was intrigued. There was some truth to what she told me. But many of her predictions were wrong. She told me stuff about past lives and spirit guides that were fascinating but unverifiable. The support of this kind and loving woman did help guide me, but a wise and compassionate counselor or therapist would have done the same.

Years passed. Pelvic pain went up and down but never went away. I was 35 and pregnant with my second child when pelvic pain got worse. My pelvic floor ached all the time. At 20 weeks, the pregnancy was at risk with signs of early labor. I took a leave of absence from work and was on couch rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Thankfully I carried my baby full term and he was healthy.

However, I had a very difficult recovery from the vaginal birth. My pelvic floor tore quite a bit during the birth and pelvic pain flared up and was worse a year after the birth. I had two small children, was working full-time, and was in pain all day every day and was at my wit’s end. Western medicine wasn’t helping. Then a friend referred me to her psychic. I was desperate again. I didn’t know where else to turn so I got a reading.

Deep Study

The psychic I saw is a very compassionate, wise, and reassuring person. I consider her a spiritual master. I went on to get many readings from her and took all the classes she had to offer. Much of the information in her readings were very helpful, reassuring, and validating. However, much of the information she gave me was wrong too, especially predictions. The biggest value I got was to learn how to tap into my own intuition. My work with her was extremely valuable and so helpful. It didn’t cure my pain though but did help to lessen it.

A good psychic is a compassionate, wise, and skilled counselor. I consider the work I do with my psychic to be on par with a very good therapist. Instead of seeing a therapist I see a psychic. The practices really help. Her love, care, and guidance have been invaluable. We can read our own and each other’s energy. We can sense what we’re feeling and intuiting about others. Other people can help us see ourselves more clearly. However, the person who knows what is most true for you is you! You’re the one who has the most accurate information about what’s true for you in each moment.

Be Your Own Psychic

Your intuition, your inner wisdom, is in your own body. Any psychic information or energy reading anyone will give you is based on what you are projecting with your own energy, how you show up in your body moment to moment. When you learn to access your own psychic information through your body you have the most accurate up to date information and you are empowered.

What I was missing from my psychic studies was access to my own emotional and physical wisdom. I was unconsciously bypassing that information. I was paying the most attention to my mind and spirit. Trauma patterns disconnected me from my body and my emotions. When I learned how to attend to and take good care of my body and emotions in a healthy way, it relieved my pain. Better yet, it put me in touch with the full capacity my being with complete access to information about and how to navigate my life in a much more meaningful and healthy way. When I tune into all four levels of being (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), I have all the information I need right here.

Tap In

I stopped giving psychic readings when I realized that teaching clients to tap into their own intuition was much more powerful and meaningful than me giving them my intuitive hits about their life. The truth is my intuitive hits for other people can be very useful. The truth also is that I can be wrong, which is true for any psychic. You are best served by knowing how to tap into your own inner knowing.

Now I teach my clients how to pay attention to all the information available to them through their body. When we heed the messages from mind, emotions, body, and spirit we have the most accurate information about our own lives. From this perspective, we can live our best lives.

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