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I’m a mind-body coach who helps people gain mind-body clarity so they can navigate their life for optimal well-being. 

I will guide you in effective practices of mind-body connection that heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain resulting in peace, contentment, and well-being.  

After struggling with chronic pelvic pain for over 20 years I healed my pelvic pain through the mind-body approach and got my love of life back.

Now I’m dedicated to helping people find relief and clarity for their life’s experience through the mind-body approach. Calming your nervous system is the key to well-being.

Learning how to inhabit your body, mind and emotions in healthier ways is the path to peace, calm and a return to joy.

As a mind-body coach:

  • I will guide you in establishing a healthier connection with your mind, body, emotions and spirit resulting in release of stress and return to feeling ease in your body and spirit.
  • This will connect you with your own inner wisdom to make the best choices for being in your life.
  • You will know without a doubt what your next best steps are.

My journey through healing chronic pelvic pain has taught me so much about how to live more joyfully. I had to learn how to listen to all the parts of me, not just my mind. Intuition (spirit), emotions, and physical sensations all have important information. They show up as physical or behavioral symptoms. They will not be over-ridden by the mind. They will persist until they are addressed. This is the a result of an inner conflict.

I help people explore their inner conflicts to create peace so they can be comfortable in their bodies and excited about life.

Investing in learning mind-body practices for stress and pain relief will save you a lot of time and money and get you back to enjoying life.

The Mind-Body Approach Works

This approach has worked for me and many people I’ve had the honor to work with.

“When you want to get into some deep-healing soul reconnection, work with Gail!!!  I’m just blown away by her process!  And when doing this work, it SO helps to have a guide!  I feel renewed in a very solid way!! Thank you, Gail! ~ Beverly

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