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You Can Get Relief From Pelvic Pain.

You have the information and energy to create the life  you want.

Uncovering the source of pain and learning to release it usually brings unexpected gifts, such as increased energy, clarity, and boundless creativity.

Chronic pelvic pain is often a signal that your body is trying to get your attention but somehow the information pathway is disconnected and can’t be perceived.

I can work with you to reconnect your information pathways so that you can learn to release chronic pain and tension, receive the wisdom from your body and regain your vitality.

My Greatest Teacher

I too struggled with chronic pelvic pain for too many years.

I searched for answers in doctor’s offices, diets, specialists and alternative approaches, but I didn’t find lasting pain relief. I continued searching and learned a tremendous amount about pelvic pain (and chronic pain in general).

I found approaches that really work!

Now I use my extensive experience and intuitive skills to help other women connect with their bodies to release pain—and find unexpected gifts.

Can This Approach Relieve Your Pain?

This approach has worked for me and nearly every woman I’ve had the honor to work with. However, it’s not a quick fix.

If you take the time to connect your body and mind and listen deeply to yourself, chances are that you’ll not only release pain, you’ll also receive unexpected gifts–including the ability to create the life you truly want.

“Sometimes one needs a powerful flashlight to guide the way out of darkness.  Gail was my flashlight.  Her beam of compassion, intuition and knowledge led me out of pelvic pain and onto the road to health.  Yes, I stumbled and tripped many times along the journey but my flashlight was always in front of me.  Gail you truly led me out of darkness and into the light.  I will be forever grateful.” ~ Grace

This mind-body approach is complementary to traditional Western medicine as well as alternatives such as acupuncture and bodywork. This approach can be beneficial for diagnoses such as chronic pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, vuvlvodynia, IBS and many other chronic conditions listed here.

pelvic pain relief

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You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about mind-body coaching, learn how it works, and get to know me.  It’s a great way to learn more and determine whether you’d like to work with me.

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“When you want to get into some deep-healing soul reconnection, work with Gail!!!  I’m just blown away by her process!  And when doing this work, it SO helps to have a guide!  I feel renewed in a very solid way!! Thank you, Gail! ~ Beverly

I experience the gifts of this mind-body approach on a daily basis and have the pleasure and joy of seeing them unfold in the women I work with.