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After struggling daily with chronic pelvic pain for more than 20 years I finally found the right combination of approaches for significant pain relief and got my love of life back.

Now I’m dedicated to helping other people find the kind of relief I have through the mind-body approach to pain relief and combined with the right balance of other healing approaches.

Calming your nervous system is the key to pain relief.

Learning how to inhabit your body, mind and emotions in healthier ways is the path to peace, calm and a return to joy.

As a mind-body coach I will guide you in establishing a healthier connection with your mind, body, emotions and spirit resulting in release of stress and return to feeling ease in your body.

After the medical approaches for pain relief failed me and before I found mind-body healing practices I tried to rest my pain away. It didn’t work. I got so restricted in how I could move my body that I couldn’t even bend over to pick things up off the floor without a flare-up of pain.

I restricted my diet for 20 years believing the experts that food was causing my pain. They were wrong.

My turning point in my healing journey was finding the right kind of physical therapy from a skilled and sensitive physical therapist combined with practicing relaxation meditations. This helped to calm my already tense muscles.

The next significant step was learning mind-body practices for pain relief.

The underlying cause of many types of pelvic pain is chronic muscle tension. Mind-body practices can help release and eventually eliminate chronic muscle tension resulting in significant pain relief.

Investing in learning mind-body practices for stress and pain relief will save you a lot of time and money and get you back to enjoying life.

The Mind-Body Approach Works

This approach has worked for me and nearly every woman I’ve had the honor to work with.

“Sometimes one needs a powerful flashlight to guide the way out of darkness.  Gail was my flashlight.  Her beam of compassion, intuition and knowledge led me out of pelvic pain and onto the road to health.  Yes, I stumbled and tripped many times along the journey but my flashlight was always in front of me.  Gail you truly led me out of darkness and into the light.  I will be forever grateful.” ~ Grace

This mind-body approach is complementary to traditional Western medicine as well as alternatives such as acupuncture and bodywork. This approach can be beneficial for diagnoses such as chronic pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, vuvlvodynia, IBS and many other chronic conditions listed here.

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“When you want to get into some deep-healing soul reconnection, work with Gail!!!  I’m just blown away by her process!  And when doing this work, it SO helps to have a guide!  I feel renewed in a very solid way!! Thank you, Gail! ~ Beverly